Entry #1

It's like a blog, I guess?

2010-09-26 13:00:55 by RainbowsHaven

So here we are, on a Newgrounds profile page! :D

I will seize this oppurtunity to write a little more about me:
- I love video games, and have been recently going through a terrible, renewed addiction to them thanks to the men of my life.
- ... Even though I love video games, I'm generally mediocre to awful at them.
- I draw, write, sing, photograph, pixel, and occassionally spew forth random art forms that no one has thus named yet.
- I'm a huge nerd/geek. ^///^ I'm especially fond of reading, and am an English major in college! I hope to teach at a university some day~
- I also like anime, manga, Japan, etc...

Whheeelllppp... That's about all I can think of at the moment. Any questions? @.@


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2010-09-26 13:02:50

Nice to meet you

RainbowsHaven responds:

.. ^///^ Nice to meet you as well~


2010-09-27 00:16:47

lose the @.^//@ emotes please, their just silly


2010-09-27 17:19:28

Hello hello! Nice art you have here :3